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BRIDE MAKE-UP We know it is your D-Day and you have to look nothing less than your 200 percent. When everyone including your groom at the aisle turns around to look at you as you do the bridal march, there isn’t an ounce of a detail that is left unnoticed.Your eyes draw most of the attention towards your face. It was after all by looking into each other’s eyes that you fell in love!Bridal make eye makeup is crucial to bringing out the dress and highlighting the best features of your face. Here is how and why you must take extra care of your eyes before the big day –

  • We know you’ve been running around getting things done before the wedding but tired eyes are no excuse for your D-Day. You have to have had at least two weeks worth of sound sleep.
  • When you don’t feel so relaxed, cut two slices of potatoes and pop them upon your eyes. This will help you get rid of dark circles.
  • Another thing you could avoid doing a couple days before your wedding is taking a laptop fast. You must wonder why and we have a very good reason for you to do this. Your eyes tire faster and dry out more when you’re working in front of your computer. So take a break and you can thank us later.

So after you get done with the pre-wedding preparations, you must be wondering how to dive right into getting the bridal eyes right. Well, we’ve brought you so far, so trust us to give you the best bridal eye makeup tips as well!

Here at Styling Weddings, we will help you know everything you need to know to get the perfect eyes that’ll keep everyone’s eyes set on you until the end.From taking care of puffy bride eyes to getting the right kind of smoky and the just enough ombre, we will give you tips to wear the look that you want to and wear it with your eyes! Let your eyes do the talking while you take turns to say your vows

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